Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations- Air conditioning Systems

Following the initial launch of the Energy performance of buildings regulations (EPBR) the implementation of the Air Conditioning system assessments was required from the 4th January 2009 in England and Wales. This required property owners, operators and managers to put in place an assessment program initially for systems with a total cooling capacity of greater than 250kW.

From 2011 the threshold reduces to 12kW which will encompass nearly all systems.

These systems should be assessed by the end of 2010 and then subsequently on a 5 yearly basis going forward.

This regulation places a legal requirement upon the building operator to ensure that they have assessed the efficiency of the system at least every 5 years. Once completed the survey report will provide an assessment of the system efficiency and a review of the system size compared with the cooling requirements of the building. Recommendations on improvements to the system or replacements and alternate solutions will also be included.

Implementing the recommendations should enable the user to save energy and therefore reduce the costs of their energy consumption moving forward as well as reducing the carbon emissions that this energy produced.

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