Insurance and the Olympics

In a month it is the start of the Olympic Games in London, organisations particularly those in the capital, should now be considering how their businesses will be affected from an Insurance perspective. 

There are countless scenarios that could occur and have an impact on a range of Insurance policies but a number of key concerns are highlighted below:-

  • If you are letting the Building to others, for example an overseas delegation, it is vital that Insurers should be made aware as there are a whole range of factors that will need to be considered and policies will need to be extended to take those into account.
  • In view of the logistics of running a business effectively during the period of the Olympic Games clients may well decide to close their premises, once again Insurers should be advised as this is a fundamental alteration to the risk.
  • If the property has been vacated and employees are working from home once again certain policies may well require extending to make sure the necessary protection is in place, particularly if clients are visiting employee’s homes.
  • Are any of your employees involved in assisting during the Games? Have you made arrangements to extend various policies such as Personal Accident to best protect them should a claim arise?
  • If people involved in the Olympics are being transported in private vehicles this may be referred to as ‘Business Use’ and not covered in a standard Motor policy, clarification should be sort to ensure full protection is provided.

If you require advice on any of the points raised above please contact Wayne Cowley at our office on 01274 206500 or e-mail

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