UK autumn and winter flooding alert


On Friday 2nd November, the Environment Agency and Met Office issued a flood warning for the whole of the UK. Our unusually wet summer means an increased risk of flooding over the coming months.

Saturated ground around the country, and high river and groundwater levels from the wet summer, will mean that much less rainfall than usual is needed to top up water levels and cause severe flooding. The agency warns that people should be ready for floods even with relatively small amounts of rain.

Flood Risk Management

The Allianz Flood Risk Management Guide is a guide for all Allianz brokers and policyholders and includes precautions to take prior to a flood, health and safety advice, actions to take after a flood and business continuity planning. Click here to view the guide.

Other sources of information

Businesses should check their flood risk and be aware. For more information and to sign up to receive free flood warnings go to

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